Why Less is So Much More

Less can be so much MORE

We all think we can do it.  In fact, so many of us think we are actually good at it.  But is it possible to truly multi-task?  Accomplish and/or make significant and impactful progress on the multitude of assignments that we work on at any given moment?  How can we focus?  Are we accomplishing meaningful work?  What do we do first?  Is there anything that we should stop doing??

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Leaders that shine the brightest…

61911292aea61a901c5c651a44a14014.originalLeaders that are looking to  shine through their own hard work, perseverance and positive attitude are never looking for the spotlight.  Those that are looking to get credit (or worse “take credit”) are those that waste their time doing this rather than getting their hands dirty doing any work.  I remember a terrible example of someone trying to steal credit in my professional life.  Our organization had just had a new management team come in and the leadership team was going around the room explaining roles, responsibilities and some quick accomplishments of programs in each of their divisions.  As we went around the room, another department head who had been overtly insecure in her new job role proceeded to take credit for a program that I had been intricate in developing.  I had helped to lead a team of professionals who had been dedicated and focused on one thing – getting the work done.  That’s all, simply just getting the work at hand done and done well.

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Lessons in a Leader’s Life

The best part of learning is the action that closely follows the lesson.

We have all heard the phrase “use it or lose it”.  This applies to many aspects of our life, not just the often associated physical fitness part of our lives that we immediately think of after hearing this.  It applies to our brains, our psyche, our influence, and in the leader’s world, our learning ability.  In the life of the leader, learning is the capacity to effect change as a result of turning new information into action.  The greatest of leaders do this proactively in response to new information that must be integrated in a world where information overload and more data “magically” translates into “better” outcomes.

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Leaders Who Lead Best are Led by Others

You will know the mark of a good leader when you feel it.
You will know the mark of a good leader when you feel the impact of their lessons.

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Why ‘Putting Out the Fire’ only adds fuel to the flames…

extinguisher_by_caroro-d5r7i07Do you work with one of those managers that just absolutely relishes in the fact that they are just the greatest at putting out the proverbial “fire” in the workplace?  You know, the guy that gets pulled out of the boardroom when the “alarms” go off and he slides down a pole and sets out to rescue the helpless citizens of his local village.  Some even take pride in these feats.  In some instances, you’d think that they sabotage the front line staff just to be able to play “hero” to come and “save the day”!  In a way, that is exactly what is happening.  (OK maybe its not quite so deliberate).  I just don’t get it.  I come from the school of thought that Smokey Bear instilled in many of us when we were  younger:  “Only YOU can prevent wildfires…”  Isn’t this the goal?  Isn’t this what we strive for? Preventing or averting problems before they arise.

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