Learn to Listen…Then ACT

pablo-2We all know how important it is to be silent when you are listening.  Truly listening.         This can sometimes be very difficult for some to do; and it takes a fair amount of self-awareness and self control to be good at this consistently.  However, this post assumes that one has the self control to be able to receive the communication in an empathic way.  And that we are able to do it every time despite our emotional state. This level of emotional empathy and openly listening is the most effective way to develop a meaningful response in any conversation.  As Stephen Covey asserts, many “listeners” are listening to develop a response.  A verbal response.  We miss so much of the subtle non-verbal cues when our mind is churning through thoughts that will soon become words.  However, this post is more about what we do with the information that we just received Continue reading Learn to Listen…Then ACT

Communication is in the ear of the beholder


“People hear what they want to hear…”  I am sure that those words have often been uttered to excuse the occasional miscommunication in the workplace.  A manager’s worst nightmare – people walk away from a meeting with 17 different interpretations of the messages delivered in said meeting.  And there were only fifteen people in the room!!

Great leaders tend to have one feature in common amongst them.  They are ALL excellent communicators.  Sure, there are other traits that many great leaders possess, but to command a following that catapults the leader to a mega-status, effective, clear and Continue reading Communication is in the ear of the beholder