Leaders Who Lead Best are Led by Others

You will know the mark of a good leader when you feel it.
You will know the mark of a good leader when you feel the impact of their lessons.

Do you have a mentor? Is there someone that you turn to when you need direction or guidance on critical decisions? Some are lucky enough to be able to confidently turn to more than one adviser. Maybe you are experienced enough to be a mentor and have earned the trust of someone that turns to you in times of indecision.  A great leader is never ashamed to seek the input of those that are successful and have been in their shoes before. In fact, the greatest leaders do this most often. A great leader also sees the value in being a good mentor. And its not only just about “giving back”. The true mark of a leader’s impact on leadership is the success and growth of those around her.

It takes great self-awareness and humility to be able to realize when you need help.  It takes even more courage and confidence to be able to ask for that help.  The mentor’s leadership abilities shine through in this situation as well.  Their opinions and suggestions are provided in a prudent manner, possibly more so than if this was their very own situation at stake.   Information is shared and options are considered, alternative perspectives are studied.   The process is quite deliberate.  It is often the greatest of leaders that do this modestly and cautiously, consequently leaving a legacy that is best recognized for being so genuine and unforced.  You often do not see this, but you have seen the opposite of this.  How many times can you think of hearing a veteran executive barking about having all the right answers because he has seen this a thousand times…blah, blah, blah.  If this “loud-mouth leader” had the right answers, he may have thwarted the crises around 975 iterations ago.

It is the grand slam of a teachable moment, what I like to call the “lead-able” moment, where  the leader’s mark is left on those so eager and willing to learn and the lesson is put into action immediately down in the trenches.  The best lessons are taught when action so closely follows the counsel.  And those lessons may soon be passed on to the astute observers and the upcoming leaders who seek the help of others.

I hope you enjoyed this post.  Thank you for reading and thank you for sharing.  Have a great day and do great things!

Michael Scicchitano


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