Embracing Change

monarch_butterfly_nursery_by_jabroyles-d7vlou5-aNothing in this world ever improved by remaining the same.  By definition, better means something changed!  Of course “worse” also indicates change.  But sometimes worse is even better.  What!?!?  Did I just write that?  My “delete” button must be broken, right?  I obviously did not bother to edit my work…No, seriously.  What the heck does that even mean?  Consider how many times things must get worse before they get better; before someone realizes at some point that something has to change!  And this realization involves changing a mindset (even a culture) and being the change agents that realize that change is exactly what is needed.  How often do you read about (or witness firsthand) organizations continuing to do the same things (over and over) expecting different (better) results?!  Many organizations and executives seem to value stability.  They value being able to know exactly what is coming next and even bet on it.  As Tony Robbins starts out with his quote, change is inevitable.  We all know that, right?  But we also know that not many people really like change even when we know that it is coming.

Now when I say “like”, I mean truly LIKE change.   Most of what we experience shows us that there are very few who embrace the change and rally around the change and thrive on what the new landscape holds for them.  These are the people that often ignite the change.  Those that implement deliberate actions to impart change when they see the necessity to DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT before many others.  Being the change agents that walk the path less traveled and forge ahead with confidence and a steadfast resolve is nothing short of remarkably courageous!  The leader’s challenge is not only to figure out what needs to be implemented to create a new vision of the future of the organization, but to harness the support, energy, and loyalty of the organization or division to buy into the change, accept it and help to be part of the process to take this new path.  It is what leaders are faced with on a daily basis: to convince others to take this path with them before it becomes obvious or even apparent that this is the right choice.

Thank you again for reading and sharing. I hope you enjoyed this post.  I was inspired to write about change after reading the quote in the caption above.  Please leave a comment below with your favorite quote about CHANGE.   Have a great day and do great things.

Michael Scicchitano


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