10 Virtues to Look for in Your Leader

on_the_horizon_by_ollisiponkoski-d73jcq9I just wanted to have some fun with the word “LEADERSHIP” today and so I quickly put together some traits to look for in the Leader that you might be striving to become.  There are some days that one of these traits is more important than the others.  Some days where we need to add a quality that is not listed here.  And of course, there are even some days that we look for Divine Intervention!  As you read this, I hope that you will think about whether these traits are found in the Leader within you. It is a quick read, so enjoy!

LOYALTY: show your team that you will do anything for them and they will do everything for you.

EXPERTISE: know what you are talking about…then make sure you can walk that talk as well.  You must be confident to lead others and being an expert bestows confidence.  However, it is just as important to know your limits and have the awareness to know what you do not know!

AGILE: I love this one.  You must be quick on your feet and quick to see the landscape and trends in your industry to be able to take the right course of action at the right time.  Sometimes this means you must make a decision with the current set of facts as fast as possible – and then you must act even faster.

DEVELOPMENT: there is no true Leader that has not had a positive impact on the future leaders in their organizations.  These lessons are often taught in an unassuming manner and they come in humble form.   The confident Leader shares her mistakes as openly as her triumphs.  These are what I like to call “Lead-able” moments and they often prove most valuable when mistakes or bumps in the road occur.

EAGER: their seems to be energy abounding and there is always time for the next decision; the next action to take.  Always moving and always helping.  We all have noticed these marvels and wondered, “How does she do it!?”.

RELATIONSHIPS: all of these virtues would mean very little if there wasn’t a bond that was formed with our colleagues.  How we interact and relate to others sets the stage for all that follows.

SILENT: now of course I do not mean mute here.  But I wanted to point out how important it is to listen more than you speak in many situations.  We often forget the most important rule in effective communication is to truly focus on what others are saying – do not spend your time “listening” to others as you prepare what you will say.  This comes easier for some and takes a lot of effort for others…you may even need some help here.

HONESTY: This one is simple – but not so easy.  Be up front and open about your work when things are going well, but primarily when they are not.  Believe me, your team wants to know about the storm coming.  And if you prepared your team well, they will want to know so that they can help you to be prepared for what lies ahead.

INSPIRATION: probably one of the most crucial and rewarding aspects of the leadership ability of our great Leaders.  Motivating others to be deeply passionate about their work is truly what we are talking about here.  Just wait…when you feel this one with your team, YOU WILL BE INSPIRED!

PERSEVERANCE: very much related to one’s eagerness, but this one is for the long haul.  The Leader never seems to falter or be “off their game.” Good analogy – the athlete that wants to get back on the field after an injury often stops at nothing to be ready for the next challenge.

Well, I hope you enjoyed reading about these leadership attributes as much as I enjoyed writing about them.  I am sure you could’ve substituted many other words here.  So, why don’t you?  You know you want to…put them in the comments section below!  Or let us know which of these is your favorite leadership trait.  Thanks again for taking the time to read this and please share if you think others might enjoy!

Michael Scicchitano


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