Living Life by Leading
There are many things I live for in life.  Many things I am passionate about.  Of course, my family is number one.  They mean the world to me.   With every experience we share together, I see them through a new set of eyes.  Watching them grow – physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually – is just awe inspiring.  I love to live life with my family and I try so hard each and every day to be a Leader within my family unit.  Setting the right examples for my children and helping them grow into human beings that are caring and compassionate.  I also have a passion for writing and want to share my experiences as a Leader with many people.  Living life as a Leader is not easy.  Whether you are a parent, a teacher, a police officer, a CEO or a child, leading can be a very crucial part of your life.  You just have to be aware of the opportunities to lead – and seize them.

I am sure most readers have heard of the principle of a “teachable moment”.  The “free encyclopedia” defines a teachable moment:  “in education, the time at which learning a particular topic or idea becomes possible or easiest.”  It is best characterized by the moment in which the “student” is actively engaged.    [You will see me bold and italicize a fair number of terms; these are my personal “buzz words” – words and terms that I will use often, but they also literally make me buzz!]  I venture through life looking for similar moments.  These are moments that beg for someone to motivate others, influence colleagues, encourage children or students.  These are what I like to call “lead-able moments“.  

These are moments where leadership is crucial for the optimal outcome – be it a conflict or crisis or an opportunity to improve upon a positive situation. And the best part about these moments is that there often is a great lesson to be learned along the way for both the Leaders and the subjects.  Many of the leadership geeks reading this should be getting excited and those that lead everyday should be feeling their hearts beating a little faster.  What I truly find most fascinating about leadership is that it is not just for the office, not just for home, not just for church.  Leadership is for LIFE – and “Leading Life 2 Live” is about relating many of our daily experiences that may be challenging or even exhilarating to leadership lessons – finding our “lead-able moments”, seizing them as opportunities and learning from them.  I look forward to sharing these moments with you and can’t wait to learn from the experiences shared with me.

Michael Scicchitano


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